Welcome to the MYSTERY sailing ship in Luxor!

May I introduce myself? My name ist MYSTERY and I am a sailship on the Nile, moored in Luxor/Egypt.


Together with my crew I love to sail with my guests between Luxor and Assuan. The feeling of relaxation on a sailing ship can hardly be described, only experienced. Depending on requests we can stop during a trip in order that the passengers have a possibility to go for a walk, to refreshen at or in the water, to visit a village or the famous temples from pharaonic times, or to go on a donkey or camel ride.

Every journey will be different, as the program will be created and decided by the passengers.

Because I have no motor  - and there could be times without wind - I am always accompanied by a small tug-boat. Thus it is guaranteed that the journey takes place in the booked timeframe, in order that the passengers can arrive in time to meet their follow-up program or their flight.

As soon as there is wind nothing can withhold me from sailing 'full speed ahead'


For whom a journey with me would be suitable?

For hobby sailors and sunbathers

For people looking for relaxation and people in training for 'sweet idleness'

For honeymooners and people celebrating a special anniversary

For bird watchers and photographers

For artists needing time for inspiration (painting, writing, composing)

For persons that like to meditate or practice yoga

For a small group up to 8 persons, who joyously love to share this experience – some sleeping on deck or in the saloon but sharing the 2 bathrooms.


With me or better inside of me – because from the sundeck there are a few steps leading downwards (see photo) – there are two cabins with each 2 single beds and for each cabin a shower/toilet. If need be, the two beds can be placed side by side in order to create a big bed. In front of the entrance to the cabins the saloon is situated with a cozy lounge and a bibliothek containing travel guides and novels. Here the passengers can also take their meals in case – as an exception – it would be too cold on deck. According to experience the passengers like to stay on the sundeck during daytime, as from there they can enjoy the panoramic sight of the beauty of the nile landscape.

At night we do not sail. We moor for example at an island and there the guests also have the possibility to enjoy their dinner at a camp fire.



The kitchen crew will serve a good breakfast and at noon time and in the evening delicious and freshly cooked meals. In case guests want a snack in between they just have to give notice. In the afternoon we have teatime with tea and/or coffee served together with cake or cookies. In case we know in advance, we can be considerate of special diet requirements. The well-being of our guests is very important to us, thus we ask our passengers to please tell us what they want and need. The times to take meals can be arranged every day anew, depending on the decided program of the day.


MYSTERY on the Nile
Westbank, Luxor/Egypt



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