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My history: Before I became the sailing ship MYSTERY, I was a sailing vessel for stone transports from Assuan over the Nile. That was hard work and at some point the transportation means changed and I was made redundant. NADY has found me at the banks of the Nile and 'saved' me. Many months he was busy to build me with the help of many volunteers and skilled workers. I am very happy with my new looks and destination and my visitors and guests all have praise for the well-done planning and the good taste of the facilities.


- and these are my friends


The Khalifa brothers love to sail. Sailing 'runs in their blood' so to say and they have already sailed on many trips up and down the Nile.


Nady Khalifa is my architect, my constructor and captain. Many months he had been busy day and night, active and passive with my creation, was planning and working for me to become a stable and reliable ship that can go on tours with a good portion of self-confidence. To make sure the guests get everything they need is his first priority. He and Benita are my owners.

Benita Schreuder is my co-owner. On the ship launching party Sheriff had the mission to wash me with 'all the waters' she had been collecting around the globe. That was fun! Egypt is her second home. As of late she is an adept in the mysteries of creating a webpage for me. Otherwise she is very busy with her many hobbies especially photography, reading or roaming around the temples. Jokingly and fondly the crew members call her 'Mudira' - the boss.


Komsan Khalifa is the captain when Nady is in England for a while. Just as his brother, he loves to go on tour and is anxious that the guests find everything they need. Being a reliable driver, he can also organise the airport transfer or drive and pick-up the guests wherever they want to go (sight-seeing, restaurant, shopping). Together with his brother Omar he has 2 apartments (each suitable for 4 persons) for rent.


Omar Khalifa has a licence as captain on the Nile as well. Together with his brother Komsan he has 2 apartments (each suitable for 4 persons) for rent.



Sheriff Khalifa is the youngest. Finally after his years of military service with the tourist police he is available as crew member and we are both happy for this. He also organises tours with the feluka.

MYSTERY on the Nile
Westbank, Luxor/Egypt



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